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Thank you for Helping us Unlock $21,000!

Donor Participation by CH-CH constituents is an important metric of a school’s health and love of the institution. 

Thank you to all the community members who showed their love during our Day of Giving with a gift of any size to CH-CH’s Annual Fund. When we reached our goal of 125 gifts, THREE generous donors (a current parent, 1972 alumnus, and a parent of an alumnus) agreed to unlock an additional $21,000 for the Annual Fund.

Donations to CH-CH’s Annual Fund make a direct impact on students and teachers by supporting the community, curriculum, and campus. This includes program areas that you will see reflected each day on campus.

Video Updates from the Day of Giving

Recent Donors:

Anonymous Margo Tucker P'26 Averi Price P'27 Ken Gordon & Dina Ciarimboli P'25 Steve & Kerri Richard P'26 Caren Deardorf P'25 Luke DiOrio '10 Anonymous Mary Ann Burnside P'24 Kelly Kennedy P'27 Lisa & Mark Dutkewych P'24 Chantel Edwards P'28 Leslie & Dean Cohen P'24 Camelia Bell P'25 Mark & Lisa Dutkewych P'24 Maureen & Paul Kulinski P'24 Dan & Shirley Matloff P'25 Anonymous Lisa Listerman P'26 Scott Clavenna & Jenifer Bosco P'25 Anonymous Anonymous Romina Jimenez P'26 '27 Kristin Bjork P'27 Kathleen Walsh P'26 Justin Gerard '12 Anonymous Robert Oakes P'25 Noemi Greyzdorf P'26 Mark Nathin '16 Karen Antonetti P'25 Mary McCabe P'24 Aihua Luo and Chengyu Sun P'27 Hilary Berkman P'25 Megan Towne Ashley Jones Mary Alice Koon Gene Reppucci '55 Melody Kaye '20 Si Jones Bannon Jones Nancy Roth P'26 Wilder Pinnock Tooley P'28 Paulette Polk-Scanlan & Peter Scanlan P'24 James Costigan '10 Louie Torres P'24 Vivian Poey P'24 Pamela Salomon P'25 Tara Collins P'24 Zoe T. '25 Scout L. '25 Chris Schafale Josiah D. '24 Cole W.C. P'24 Delilah L. '25 Adrianna S. '26 Ashe B. '27 Brenna Lewis-Slammon Matilda G. '26 Sydney T. '27 Bronwyn P.S. '27 Virginia D. '24 Ava C.'25 Alex S. '27 Caitlin Baker Matthew S. '28 Feebz S. '28 Alyssa Nastri Kostas J. '26 Olivia G. '25 Kelly Walsh Nedayle D.B. '26 Paige Chauncey Marilou Agbi Elena G. '26 Tlotlo P. '24 Shruti Joshi Sam Kaye Anna W. '25 Anne Morriss P'26 Lyndsey & Andrew Fleming P'25 &28 Nick Lee Meg Rainis '20 Michael Raphael '84 Jane Vargas P'27 Barbara Buck P'26 Patrick Daly P'27 Julie Palmer P'25 William & Susan Logan P'25 Chris & Lindsay Pike P'25 Dean Uhle '79 Dave and Sherry Miscia P'27 Vince Nichols Kellie & Josh DiNapoli P'24 Moira Anderson Iris Wang '26 Samantha Shay Deborah Farr P'26 Kerry-Ann Kendall P'26 Jimmy Yan P'27
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